5 Budget Friendly Ideas for a Luxury Wedding

Last year The Knot released it's annual Real Wedding Study, revealing that the average wedding in 2017 came in around $30,000. That's no small chunk of change. If you are here reading this post, you are like most of the brides I work with. You have a dream, but you also have a budget. The word "budget" can be seen as such a dirty event word. No one wants to talk about it and sometimes it can be a very awkward point of planning. I'm here to help you combat those anxieties and show you a few of my favourite ways to pump up your decor without busting the seams on your bank account.

LIGHTING: Whether your wedding/reception is taking place in the most artisanal backyard barn, or the local community hall, lighting can help set the mood and create an atmosphere that elevates a basic space. Designers talk about lighting all the time because it really does matter. Taking time to think out the layout, placement and type of lighting you use in your event will pay off in dividends when it's finally show time! TABLES: Where do guests spend the majority of their time during the reception? At their table. Make this space count. Adding in bold colors, textures and unexpected details like a velvet linen or sequined runner can make all the difference. Play with fabrics, they are fairly inexpensive to incorporate and can make huge visual impact! While a massive dose of texture comes from the textiles we put on the table, texture can also come from the tables themselves. Incorporating different heights and shapes adds visual interest and character to the room, adding in centerpieces that are of differing height, size and shape also work to create texture and, let's be real, variety is the spice of life - It makes everything that much more fun and interesting!

SEATING: Don't let your seating be the element that drags your entire theme down. There are such great options out there to keep even the most basic rental chair in toe with the rest of your design. I love being able to accentuate certain tables with extra luxurious seating options to break up the visual and add some interest to the room. What about a soft seating lounge area? You've finished your entree, eaten the cake and filled your wine glass up (again!), it's the dance floor portion of the night and you want a front row seat to all the action - there is no place better to observe the chaos than from a nicely arranged set of lounge seats or sofas. Treat your guests to some relaxed seating while they take turns perfecting the Electric Slide or piling on the dance floor to fully appreciate Don't Stop Believing. Hey, when you are in four in heels and three (five?) glasses of wine deep, we are all small town girls! The key to great design is layering in elements. Your seating takes up a large portion of your event space, don't over look them!

THE SPACE: We all know venues can be expensive and can quickly eat up a large portion of your budget. Do you know someone with a great acreage? Lake front property? Maybe just an excellent backyard with plenty of extra room for a party! Taking the celebration outdoors can be an excellent option, while providing the opportunity to capitalize on the beauty that naturally exists. Outdoor weddings can be tricky, but properly executed the end result is usually incredibly elegant and a total show stopper! Afraid of weather? I can't promise you sunshine and romantic breezes, but most tent rentals do come with optional walls and can have portable heaters installed. We can, however, give you mood lighting magically hung from the heavens. We're down to make that happen!

DRAPE IT: Alright, we can't all have the beautiful ball room with the thick custom trim and gold fleck accents. Hey, I say you make your own beauty! I've met lots of basic rooms that with a little pipe and drape have been transformed into dreamy spaces! Not only does the drape add tons of character to a space, it also softens harsh lighting and allows the space to become more intimate and inviting! The photo below is of an RV showroom that we transformed into an elegant and airy reception space. How's that for some creative pipe and drape?

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Launched And Ready!

Red Events-fireworks

Hello World!

This has been a long time coming! I am so proud to finally present Red Events Design to the world.

Running an operation like ours is incredibly challenging, we are the detail people. We thrive on the intricacies that make your event spectacular.

Recently we have acquired the inventory of E Group Inc., and have now moved into the role of being Calgary's premier modern furniture provider. Combined with our vast existing inventory of linens, chaircovers, table centerpieces, props, and other decor make us the ideal company to design and supply your special event.

As challenging as our industry is, it is unbelievably satisfying when we are able to bring an event to life for a client. Our style and professionalism will wow you- we love what we do and it shows in the final product.

We look forward to working with you and showing why our passion and results are second to none.

~Gill Boyd