Gill Boyd

Gill Boyd

Gill is the heart and soul of Red Events.

Twelve years ago she founded Spoilt Red Productions, a small company devoted to providing unique and trend savvy wedding decor for Calgary and surrounding areas. She's come a long way since then and acquired a fabrication/prop company (becoming one of Alberta's largest suppliers), married her co-creating companion Bobby and gave birth to two beautiful bouncing baby boys. Now Gill juggles life as an entrepreneur, mom and travel enthusiast.

One of the many reasons Gill has been met with so much success in her industry is her uncommon ability to build authentic relationships with each and every one of her clients. Gill is a talented visionary and businesswoman who never underestimates the power of kindness. When you sit down with her, it feels as though you're catching up with an old friend. It's a skill that comes naturally.


Bobby Vanonen - Custom Everything


Bobby comes from a well versed background in the arts. He works as an art director and simply put, the man can fabricate anything.

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Noeme - Knows where it’s at


Noeme has been involved with Red Events for over 10 years, and is an essential member of the operation.

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Max - Heir to the throne


Charmaine Walls - Create / Plan / Execute


Char is a longtime industry expert with years of event planning, design and expertise under her belt.

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Hank - Next in line